Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day # 7 : 19th Dec 2003

Next morning I woke up to the sound of Dad feeding the birds on the machan. I joint him there. We had breakfast on the porch. It was fun watching the local people go about their daily lives using row boats/ cannoes as the means of transport. Women catching fish for lunch on the banks of the backwaters and did all the cleaning and washing there.

After the liesurely morning we decided to go to Kumarkom.

Chartered Cruise to Kumarkom

Aslam took us to a ferry point in Allepey. We negotiated the rates for a launch. The charge was Rs.250/ hr.

The launch had a deck covered with a canopy and 2 chairs.
Before starting out on the cruise we equiped ourselves with 1.5 kgs of Pineapple and other snacks. The launch was operated by Sevakanth. He told us the speed of the launch is 15 km/ hr. Dad navigated it for an hour too.
Passing through the backwaters we went towards Kumarkom bird sanctuary. We began the cruise at 10.30 am and reached the sanctuary at 11.30 am.

We did not see any birds there as they had flown off and would return only at nightfall. It made my Dad comment, "The birds have gone to office." He meant they were out collecting worms.

We then went to Waterscapes, the KTDC resort at Kumarkom for lunch. It was luxury buffet at Rs. 524 for a couple. Dad did not appreciate my extravagance.
We passed by the coconut lagoon and came back to Alleppey. While returning the backwaters looked lovely in the post noon sun. We requested Sevakanth to cruise past Keraleeyam so that we could take picture. Yeah! we did get amazing pictures of our cottage, of the tiny island opposite with its curtain like creepers below which a cannoe was kept.

After 6hrs of the cruise we returned to Allepey and drove back to Keraleeyam and decided to spend the evening just relaxing and watching the birds, fishes and houseboats passing by. We promised ourselves to come back to Allepey again just to stay at Keraleeyam.


Moonbeam said...

STUNNING STUNNING! Definitely my next trip! the photos are lovely!

Anjali said...

Sumana These photos were taken on film at the time and infact the role had got stuck due to humidity and I had to open the camera to slip the film forward to you notice the band of over exposure in the pictures. Then for this post I took a digital click of the prints from my album. The camera falls atrociously short to capture the beauty of Allepey.