Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cubbon Park for Kids

I had written this post long ago on Exploring Cubbon Park promising to write this one for Kids.

There are many immigrant families who come to BLR. Some children are used to the large parks in their cities while others are not. Cubbon Park is for the children. Those that simply like to run around and lull in the grass or those that like to play on the jungle gym and learn something new.

Cubbon park is this huge expanse of 1.2 kms with a road that opens for traffic after 8 am. Many kids love to drive through it. It has some beautiful trees and avenues. My friend Sulekha and Me would take our pets every Sat on a pleasure trip to Cubbon Park. Many kids who came with their parents for the morning walk loved to pat them.
Pranav is a lazy bum so he prefered playing at the Jawahar Bal Bhawan. This is an amusement park with a toy train and an adorable tiny station. Most kids will die to get on to it Pranav was almost giving up as he saw smaller school kids lined up for the train. We did manage to put him on the train though.
The other one thing he loved is the Turret. He loved running around it calling out hide and seek.

Next to the Bal bhavan is an aqaurium. He was just so happy to identify fishes and was trying to memorize the names so he could show off to his parents.

Along the Cubbon Park on the Kasturba road are the Sir Vishweshwariah Industrial and Technological Museum and Archeological Museum you would want your kids to see. Besides there are the heritage buildings like the Attara Kacheri, Vidhan Soudha in the vicinity.

After all this a kid would need a candy floss or some bhutta and it's all there.