Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Staycation at Powai Lake in Pandemic Times


After 8 months at home in the pandemic we decided to go for a staycation. Powai sounded ideal. We booked with Renaissance and they upgraded us to Lakeside Chalet. In the upgrade we got an apartment in lieu of a standard room. Both are on the same property and we got access to both hotels and their restaurants. 

We are back home now after a fantabulous time at Powai lake. Every morning we woke up to the glorious sun rays coming thru the full glass window panels and overlooking the tree tops. We watched a variety of birds hover in the sky, swiftly dive into the lake to pick fish and float across the emerald green island in the lake. The glistening water in the mid day sun reminded us that nature too celebrated Diwali. A picnic on the lawns in the evening and playing ludo with my Dad was fun. Spent time reading a book on the waterfront under the trees. One evening as we sat on the grass, legs stretched, a sudden chaos got us rushing to see a croc that decided to say hello to us. The tranquil surroundings are amazing. Only the silhouette of the city on the shore reminded us that we were still in it's midst.

Go over to my YouTube channel TalkativeAnjali to watch the video.