Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day # 8 : 20th Dec 2003

This morning we got ready early as we had to go to Trivandrum. One last time we had our breakfast on the porch of Keraleeyam and watched the birds and fishes.

At 8.30 am Aslam arrived to pick us up. we checked out to proceed towards our last destination Thiruvananthapuram. This is the most boring drive passing through Kottayam and Kollam we reached Treasure Cove our hotel. The sea reminded me of Alibag. Treasure Cove was warm and welcoming. It had a court done in Japanese style all with a cascade and little ponds of water with stepping stones.
The room was cozy and the inviting clean bed with white covers, a sofa and side table, a TV and a clean bathroom. The flooring was wooden well polished and had a rustic charm about it. It was part of a two storeyed cottage. It was 1 o'clock so we had a wash and went straight for lunch to the roof top restaurant. It had a great view of the sea. Then after a catnap we went to the Ashoka Beach or better known as Kovalam Beach for a stroll. We spent a few hour lulling under the coconut trees. After sunset we returned to our room and decided to drive down to the town for dinner.

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