Monday, April 19, 2010

Unique Mandya And Coorg

I had been inviting Charu to Blr for the last 5 yrs however she was not able to make it. Then a month ago Sumeet told me he would be visiting me for a week. It was Sapna's idea to bring along Charu and ofcourse the half ticket had already told me last time itself that he would come back for his summer vacs.

I began my planing, the idea was to make it memorable for Charu. She rarely gets to travel so while she was visiting I had to pack as much action as possible. The time frame 11th Apr 2010 to 16th Apr 2010.

I had done the KSTDC tour of Mysore and Srirangapatna so planning that part was easy. I wanted it to be a mix of what I had not seen and where I had already visited. Part playing safe and part taking a risk to explore in this summer season.

So if you want to join me on this journey that I am accounting here follow on...

A post a day with unique experiences from the districts of Mandya and Coorg in Karnataka!


Sonia said...

Am waiting eagerly for your posts Anjali. I think halu halu travel organiser cha alternate business kadhata yeil tula. Kiti chaan plan kela ahes, I feel like taking a vacation already :)

Kushalnagar said...

i don't know moreon mandya, but i know well about coorg, this is the best hill station. nice post, keep on post!

Anjali said...

Sonia LOL! aga mazya mitrini sangtat restaurant u tell me travel organizer...too many options for post retirement. Well if atleast the info I share here is useful to atleast a few travel enthusiasts am happy.