Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scamper around the bamboo forest and tree houses at Nisargadham: 13 Apr 2010

After lunch I was sleepy and from Kushalnagar, Nisargadham is only 3 Kms. so had to give up th hope of a power nap. I was feeling heavy to even step out of the car and exploring anything was not even remotely on my mind. The entrance of Nisargadham is very dense and green and that is where you get fooled. 

The rope and plank bridge enables you to cross the water body. I was least interested to find out if it was an island or was it a man made moat around a piece of land. Reaching the other side you are even more disappointed. Sumeet almost told me we could have skipped this one destination.  Our shadows on the water looked more interesting.

We started walking on the bamboo lined pathways. I was imagining that a misty morning would make the place adorable. The squeaking of the bamboos was eerie even in day time. Pranav who is a avid movie watcher came up with a bright conversation which engaged the bored me for a while. He commented, "This is like a House of Flying Dagger's setting". He started performing all those Karate chops. It was very entertaining to watch him do the power shouts and a podgy little tummy jiggle with all the throws of hands and legs :)


Sapna, Pranav and me freaked out climbing up and down tree houses suddenly our energies all high. Sumeet and Charu joined us and there was lot of mischief, shaking the tree houses and screaming like Mowgli or may be Tarzan. Thank God no one attempted the monkey act.

We went to the deer park, fed them some cucumber...

and finally rest our tired heavy butts on a swing. Had it been dusk or a morning I guess we would have loved Nisargadham or atleast if it had been cooler weather. Give it a skip if you have better things to do.

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