Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bhadrachalam's Ram temple: 15th March 2011

We never really wanted to have Bhadrachalam on our itenary but the story of a saint of the soil Bhadrachalam Ramadas got us curious enough. Also as per our plan we had to cover a certain kms to get closer to our next destination Rajamundhry.

It was already late at the Warangal fort and the drive to Bhadrachalam Haritha Resort took us a good 4.5hrs. It was midnight when we reached there. Dad and the driver managed to get some dinner outside the resort, I chose to eat an apple and go to bed.

Next morning we had a hearty breakfast at the resort and I tasted the famous Allam Pachadi for the first time here. After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and decided to go to the Ram temple which was pretty close to the resort. 

The Ram temple is perched on the hillock and is quite old. It has a large complex around it but it is not maintained well. Inspite of that there was a certain buzz of the temple pooja and worshipers that felt calming and divine. At times I really regret that in rural areas people have no sense of cleanliness whether in a temple, eatery or home.

In the campus of the temple I noticed a very beautifully crafted Shankha-Pushpa and an umbrella which are used for the palkhi. The stone temple exterior too caught my attention. The old world charm and the Dravidian lifestyle had a marked presence there.
After this we were set on our way to Rajahmundhry. We passed thru some quaint villages and drove by the miles of canals full with water to the brim, over the Rajahmundhry bridge which is 2.7 km long. The Godavari basin boasted some awesome views like this one

The next post on Rajahmundhry is sure to impress you as the lesser known area was some relaxing experience in itself.


Ms.Chitchat said...

Very interesting, I love Bhadrachala Ramdas songs rendered by Dr.Balamurali Krishna.

Anonymous said...

Hi ANjali ,
the vashi bridge length is 1837m only

Anjali said...

Thanks Anon for pointing it out, I should have verified before posting. Have made changes as per wiki info.