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Monolithic Sculptures Of Mahabalipuram

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Mahabalipuram, is located on the beautiful East Coast Road connecting Pondicherry to Chennai. This is the capital of the Pallava Kings and they have left a mark on this area that has stood the test of time.

If you go to Pondi there is no way you can not visit Mahabalipuram. We set out to the Pondi bus stand early in the morning and towards Chennai. As per the suggestion on the internet we got into a local bus which took the scenic ECR road. I hate public transport in the south especially the rural crowd for the lack of sense of hygiene of the people. Here however we were surprised to see this bus route is almost like the Pune-Mum commuters route.  We bought our tickets for Mahabalipuram and were told that we would have to hop off the bus on the ECR road and then take an Autorickshaw to the monuments sites. The ride was enjoyable and people loud, animated and funny.

At the Mahabalipuram milestone we hired a rick that would shows us around and drop us off at the bus stand from where we could proceed to Chennai.  We reached the first site of the pancha rathas and I looked at my watch, it was 11.30 am, we could afford only 2 hrs in Mahabalipuram. This was going to be a touch and go trip I sensed, especially for this wonderful heritage site. We were scheduled to board the train to Blr from Chennai at 5pm on the day. Anyways we decided to make the most of it.
The Pancha rathas are Monolithic chariots carved in pink granite and at first I was fooled by the color and thought  it was sandstone. These Rathas were built in the 7th century in the reign of the Pallava king Narasimhavarman. Though these rathas are not related to the Mahabharat times there is one each named after the five Pandava brothers and their queen Draupadi. The architecture is Dravidian with buddhist influences

This is the largest rock in Mahabalipuram with carvings relating the Mahabharat. It shows Arjun performing penance hence the place gets its name.

Just a little further down is a huge rock which almost looks suspended, it might just roll down with a slight push you think. It is lovingly called Lord Krishna's butter ball, and now there you see me posing to grab it.

From here we went to the hilltop where the lighthouse is located. There are some interesting shrines around this area.

On the shore of Mahabalipuram is one of the seven pagodas that has remained intact and escaped swallowing up by the sea, inspite of the assault of the tsunami waves is the temple dedicated to the Sheshanarayan. This temple shows the wearing of the stone by the harsh sea. The structure is unique with a double walled structure that protects the sanctorium and barely lets 2 people walk around side by side, nevertheless it is a majestic site.

We walked back to the bus stop and hopped on to the volvo to Chennai and then took the Shatabdi at 5pm to Bangalore. The on board service on Shatapdi was excellent and made this trip even more memorable.

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