Saturday, July 30, 2011

Smitten by Vishakhapatnam: 17th March 2011

Vishakhapatnam or Vizag is on the eastern coast of India. It has always been a city buzzing with activity with the steel plant and Indian Navy located there. It took us about 2hrs to reach Rushikonda beach from Annavaram. I loved driving through the city it is better than Hyderabad, more cosmopolitan and better planned.
We checked into our hotel and were taken to our suite, as we climbed the stairs we saw only the hill as the hotel is build into it. On opening the door to our suite we just gasped at the view, a lovely sun soaked private terrace opened up and the uninterrupted view thru the sliders separating the bedroom was simply breathtaking. We ran out onto the terrace to take in the sea breeze and the cobalt blue waters soothed our nerves. We did not have lunch so decided to relax a bit get fresh and go for an early evening snack and then hit the beach.
At the restaurant we ordered for a platter of Kanda bhajji and tea. The bhajji were superlative, my Dad is not much of a cake person and Kanda bhajji for his birthday was in itself making him a happy man. While we were eating out on the sea-facing deck at the restaurant a crow hovered around us. I strangely felt it was my Mom joining us in the BD celebrations. I never believed in this but felt the connection that moment. I always miss my Mom on our annual vacation which I always plan along with Dad's BD. I lost my Mom when I had finished my PG final exams and Viva was 3 days after she passed away so my Mom was not able to enjoy any of my pampering after I started earning.
After the refueling we went straight to the beach my Dad was so thrilled. He is a beach boy after all. He just left me and started exploring the beach. Talking with the local fisherman who we saw weaving and fishing with small nets on the shore.
I walked around peering at the boats and burying my feet in the warm sand. The shore of Vishakapatnam is clean and the water is unpolluted, unlike Mumbai and the surrounding coastline. The Arabian sea coast of India is filthy as it sees more movement of ships and therefore more oil spills. Here it is the Bay of Bengal.
The jut of land that I saw from the terrace attracted me and I wanted to go sit there and have the waves splashing on me. Dad who is an impatient photographer actually captured a great pic for me.
We sat there till the sun went down and the watched the waters turn a shimmering gold.

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