Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mangalore - Kadri - Dharmasthal - Kuke Subramania

Day 4: Nov 11, 2007

We began the day by visiting the Gokarnatheshwar temple, its new and built by a liqour baron very glitzy and not my type of a place however the cleanliness was striking. The entire area has smaller temples of different gods and flashy Kalyana Mantapa and even a them park of sorts.

The next one was the Manjunath temple at Kadri with its beautiful Brahma idol dating back to 968 A.D. 

This temple was established by Parashuram and has reference to the Nath panth. What is unique about this place is its seven Kunda, or holy water ponds. They are situated at a height and the entire temple area is surrounded by plantain gardens on the hill.

We started our return journey to Blr. On the way we were to go to Dharmasthal and Kuke Subramania. I had heard so much about the rush and my brother's warning echoed in my ears "It is the Pandharpur of the south". Yes it is in terms of the rush yet clean, non-corrupt and organized. Once you get into the line for darshan you have to keep going.

Our last stop was at Kuke Subramania where one can perform rituals like sarpadosh etc. I lost the pictures of the last two destinations. Need to find them or may be another trip is due...

Updated 7 Dec 2010: Found the pictures on a stick. Uploading...


Vinaya said...

Hey too bad you lost teh pics. We'd anyways love to hear about your visit to these places :)

We'll have news by Mid january. will write in details

Anjali said...

Hey Vinaya, am praying for your safe experience and looking forward to your mail.