Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exploring Cubbon Park

I am on a mission of exploring the parks in Bangalore. Instead of going for the flower show at Lalbaugh we went to Cubbon Park on 26th Jan. We drove to the fountain end near Vidhan Soudha parked the car on one of the side roads where paid parking is available and then walked around nearly half of the expanse of 1.2 kms. Yes that's how big Cubbon Park is, 300 acres of greenery, woods and landscaped gardens. I loved the sight of the sun soaked High Court building and the State Central Library. Going to be going there often to read, it is free for reference and entry I got to know while I enquired about membership.

The last time I was in Cubbon park was when my nephew, Pranav visited. There will be another post on Cubbon Park for kids later.

We drove back home and enjoyed Coffee at a nearby Cafe Coffee Day, our order, Lattes, toasted Corn n spinach sandwich and wedge of Chocolate fantasy cake warmed. We love their unhurried service. Overall a nice evening, I love Bangalore just for this laid back life.


Sayantani said...

wow you also from Bangalore. isn't it a good place to live I love b'lore but miss home too. thanks for your comment on my page dear. you have a nice place here. will visit you to know more places in and around blr. thanks again.

Indian Bazaars said...

Liked your idea of 'exploring the parks'. As we are getting to know the smaller ones too in our own neighbourhood, we are beginning to feel how charming a city Bangalore is even today!

Anjali said...

Kiran absolutely it is this charm of BLR that got me to this city. I have been smitten all these years and automatically my hand reaches out for the camera when I sight some green.