Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Fortress & A Temple

It was sometime last year my friends from our Environmental action group at work called up and asked me if I could accompany them to select a site for Aforestation. I checked my calendar and said yes. Least that any of us expected was that we were going to see an amazing location.

I met Ravi below my tower and he briefed that we were going to a place which had a little bit of history and was just a few kms drive from our campus. Bharat was going to join us at the location directly.

As we approached I was excited to see a little Fortress perched atop a granite hill. The gate was like the ones I'd seen in Hampi. Stone pillars with slone slabs on the top. The Elcia secretary who had joined us at the location had suggested this place to my org. He went on to tell us that this is the location where Swami and Friends from the TV serial Malgudi days was shot.

I was excited at the mention of that and started exploring the fortress. It is has a centrally located water tank with stone lined step leading to the water. Ain't it typical, forts were always built to protect water bodies says history. A small temple was perched at the highest point. I am not sure what diety resides there as it was closed.

Recently was there again. It was beautiful! Gushy winds whistling loud. The cloud cover made it possible to roam around the fortress without getting burnt in the mid day sun. The trees planted there by the employees of my org were doing good. In a few years hope to see nice green woods there.

Since the last year my bus now takes this route. Here are videos I took at different times of this little fortress that I never miss watching when I ride by.

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