Sunday, April 12, 2009

26th-27th Nov 2005: Bijapur

It was late evening by the time we reached Bijapur. The KSTDC hotels were full so we were put up in a budget hotel. It was stinky on the stairs and I got worried about what kind of a room we would get. It was clean and minimal. I told my self it was the last night, before I would be in my own bed.

We had dinner of North Karnataka Thali and retired to bed. Next morning we were going to see the city. I had been to Bijapur couple of times before and knew a bit about its history. Our first visit was to the signature of Bijapur the Gol Gumbaz. The beauty of Gol Gumbaz is in its simple but artistic design and acoustics that are a marvel of architecture even today. The dome is the second largest in the world! The whispering gallery echos even the tear of paper 7 times. It was designed for pleasure performances when microphone were not invented. Today is home to the tombs of the courtesans. It gives a wonderful view of the city from the terrace around the dome.

When Bijapur is mentioned this Gol Gumbaz flashes first in memory
The tombs and the simple designs on the exterior

We then went to the see the Mailk-e-maidan the canon that was made in Ahmadnagar and then brought here. This canon when fired had caused 500 people to go deaf. It weighs 55 tons and in 4 mts long and 1.5 mt in daimeter with the mouth like a lion swallowing an elephant.

Malik-e-Maidan, the cannon that deafened 500 people

The citadel of Bijapur

The Jami Masjid hall, The stone chain handing from the ceiling

The empty tank that must have been full of water at some time in history

The carvings on the pillars, arches, doors evrything is so exquisite


The Quran inscriptions in gold

Jami Masjid campus

We then went to see the Jami Masjid, it is home to the inscription of Quran in gold. The prayer halls are empty at most time, it take you back in time with the beautiful arches and the water tank reminding you of th Adilshahi era.

At times I felt like I was in Lucknow. We went on to Kudal Sangama from Bijapur. I was awestruck by an engineering marvel in this remote place but for now I will close here. Come back to read and find out what it was?


Sharmila said...

It is always a pleasure to read about your trips Anjali. :-)
Beautiful snaps too.

Anjali said...

Hey Sharmila, thanks for the appreciations! Keep visiting.