Monday, July 14, 2008

Bengaluru International Airport

Brand BIAL and the volvo shuttle

The Meru cabs and the taxi stands

The Louis Vuitton brand stand towering and the mechanized sweeper

parking lots and insides of the volvo

exterior of the airport

The ride to Bengaluru International airport on the Volvo shuttle costs a whopping Rs. 125 one way!

Today it took us about 50 mins to reach the airport.

Since I was not traveling I did not get to go inside the airport yet I quite like the exterior.


Shane said...

Great Pics! The airport looks cool, consiering it costs just 125 bucks and took 50 mins to get there is impressive. It costs more in Delhi and Mumbai, look forward to the interior pics soon.

Anjali said...

Is it I'm not sure if Mumbai has these type of shuttles though I'm a Mumbaiite myself.

Bellie Jayaprakash said...

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Anjali said...

Bellie Jayaprakash thanks for the link, I am still to explore. All I was tryin to say is just keep your uniqueness.

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Anonymous said...

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